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Current news items

Published on 27-05-2021
Introduction of two new team members

New members of the sales team are now serving the French and Spanish markets EDC Wholesale expanded its team with two new members to serve the French and Spanish markets. The Holland-based wholesaler expressed to the media its ambition to grow internationally and launched a new called...

Published on 25-05-2021
BMS and EDC Wholesale Enter Exclusivity Deal in Europe

The future is looking bright for BMS in Europe with a new exclusivity deal on the horizon! European adult distribution giant EDC Wholesale, is boasting its newest exclusive acquisition after striking a golden deal with Canadian manufacturer, BMS Factory. The company promises to deliver such...

Published on 06-05-2021
Anticipating developments in our market

CHALLENGING TIMES REQUEST CHANGE Who could have predicted that these challenging times would continue to challenge us for over a year now? Scroll through a entertaining & visualized infographic of the past two turbulent years, or read the text THE INFOGRAPHIC /> In the last...

Published on 04-03-2021
EDC Wholesale launched a new platform

EDC Wholesale has a new platform. We have combined our different platforms into one platform with six different languages options. The name for the new platform is ONE-DC and it is online now.  The future-ready platform brings together the different web shops of EDC Wholesale into...


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