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Current news items

Published on 07-03-2022
New strap-on brand NO-PARTS at EDC Wholesale

NO-PARTS is designed with the thought to bring a comfortable, affordable, and neutral strap-on harness. EDC Wholesale introduced a neutral strap-on brand. The designers of NO-PARTS created a high-quality collection for everyone who wants to feel...

Published on 03-01-2022
EDC Wholesale introduced luxorious masturbator Cruizr

Cruizr is a male-only brand with a sophisticated character EDC Wholesale introduced CRUIZR masturbators, designed to give male consumers a picture-perfect experience. CRUIZR is a men-only brand with a sophisticated character and names in line with the maritime theme. The look and feel of the the...

Published on 28-12-2021
Important notice: Upcoming price changes on several brands

Last few years the erotic branch has faced immense pressure due to the growth in demand and decreased availability among suppliers (See this infographic for explanation). This development has caused prices to increase on several of our house brands, effective from the 1st of...

Published on 16-12-2021
Season's greetings from all of us at EDC Wholesale

We would like to take a moment to reflect on, yet another remarkable year. Either it felt like forever, or it went by in a wink of an eye. Either way, we all have our stories to share, and we sure hope we will get to hear yours soon enough. From the EDC Wholesale...


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