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EDC Wholesale presents: the unique brands of Blush

Published on 04-10-2021

We are proud to present Blush, one of the biggest additions of distribution brands yet at EDC Wholesale. Consisting of 14 brands featuring top sellers and brands that will make your collection both more unique and complete.

Pleasure minded products for every body

As one of the fastest growing distribution brands worldwide, Blush has the ambition to supply appealing product lines for every body. The 5 focus points that help live up to these huge ambitions, include design and wellness. Curious as to what this entails? Discover the Blush narrative and see the huge potential for your shop.

Blush Novelties, the complete collection

To find the perfect addition to your collection, 14 new brands can be an overwhelming amount. In a clear overview, we show you how they are not stand alone brands but a collective. 14 brands that complement each other and together complete and make Blush. Helping you see wide variety not as daunting, but as great joint value in reaching every body.

Discover the 14 Blush brands

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