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Cala Azul

Cala Azul

Cala Azul is a brand inspired by Ibiza and the magnetic  vibe of this island. It embraces all aspects of Ibiza, from  the posh private beaches to the bohemian hippy vibes.  Because in the end, everybody is looking for the same  thing, to feel free and to live up to their potential.  Break away from expectations and be whoever you  want to be!

With Cala Azul, you experience a sunny summer journey  of sexual wellness. By using the beautiful blue items, you  learn something new about yourself and about your  preferences. Self-awareness and feeling good in your  body are essential in the process of your sexual  awakening. You are allowed to take up space and to  unapologetically be yourself in Ibiza, as well as in this  world!

Download the summer-vibe media pack at brands.one-dc.com

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