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Anticipating developments in our market

Published on 06-05-2021


Who could have predicted that these challenging times would continue to challenge us for over a year now?
Scroll through a entertaining & visualized infographic of the past two turbulent years, or read the text below.


In the last year our industry has dealt with the closing of factories in China and lower production level for some time after that, creating more pressure on the supply levels. Even more so after closing international air traffic, with a tremendous increase in costs throughout the supply chain and a high demand for containers and transport by the ocean. The demand for containers has increased after the delay on the Suez Canal. The pressure on the supply chain continues and the costs continue to rise.
But there is also good news, in the past year we have experienced a tremendous increase in demand from consumers. The erotic business has thrived, and we have managed to increase stock levels significantly to meet the higher demand for popular products. We have increased our stock level and our storage space to allow more products to be available on-demand and to be flexible to changes and seasonal peaks.
As your number 1 sexual wellness supplier, we will continue to offer you the best service and have stock available whenever you need it. To be able to do so we are forced to increase the prices on our house brands as of 1 June 2021. Despite the price change, these brands will still be highly competitive and have an interesting price/margin.
And the good news is that you can still benefit from the current price rate. Place your order before 1 June 2021 and we will ship your order at the current pricing.
We will continue to bring you, our valued customer, the best service, best products, and best stock level on our comprehensive collection. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your sales representative.

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