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Important notice: Upcoming price changes on several brands

Published on 28-12-2021

Last few years the erotic branch has faced immense pressure due to the growth in demand and decreased availability among suppliers (See this infographic for explanation). This development has caused prices to increase on several of our house brands, effective from the 1st of December onwards.

Bare in mind that we have increased both purchasing prices and the recommend retail price, which allows you to maintain an interesting price/margin and still offer competitive prices on your assortment. 

The price changes

We are forced to change the prices of the following brands:

  • Bloom
  • Boners
  • Easy Choice
  • Easytoys Anal Collection
  • Easytoys Dildo Collection
  • Easytoys Fetish Collection
  • Easytoys Men Only
  • Easytoys Mini Vibe Collection and Easytoys Vibe Collection
  • Easytoys Wand Collection
  • Friend With Benefits
  • Good Vibes Only
  • Hueman
  • Lil’Vibe
  • Loveboxxx
  • Panthra
  • PMV20
  • Real Fantasy
  • Royals
  • SAIZ
  • Secret Pleasure Chest
  • Senzi
  • Sinner Gear
  • Sway Vibes
  • Underneath

To see which products the price changes apply to please download the new feeds per 1 december in My Overview on the ONE-DC platform.

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