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EDC Wholesale organized customer event in Groningen

Published on 26-04-2019

EDC Wholesale invited customers for a tour in the companies warehouse in Veendam and treated them on an exciting football match between the local team FC Groningen and AFC Ajax, who made it to the Champions League semi-finals next week. The company organized this event as a try out event, which they want to repeat more often as soon as their in-house showroom is finished.

“We want to organize a type of event that will separate us from the existing events in the industry,” said Eric Idema, CEO at EDC Wholesale. “We invited customers, who never visited our company before, to show them where we are established and what we do on a day-to-day base. We showed them around the offices and warehouse, talked about the projects we are working on and gave them insight into how we do the things we do and also why we do them this certain way. This created interesting conversations and led to sharing experiences amongst each other.”

EDC Wholesale is working on an in-house showroom, which will showcase the companies house brands and third party brands in a section of the building with a capacity of 1.200 square meters. The company will open the showroom later this year as they still working on the construction and designs of the space.

“Organizing more events like this will give us a perfect opportunity to connect with our customers, get a better understanding of their needs so we can help them grow their business and if we manage to send them home happy and inspired we have certainly met our goal,” added Idema

To mix business with pleasure, the company invited the customers to their local football team who played against AFC Ajax. FC Groningen was a strong competitor for Ajax, but couldn’t prevent them from scoring 1 point at the end of the match. “We can look back on an amazing weekend, we truly bonded with our customers and learned a lot from this experience, which gave us enough inspiration to organize the next event,”

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