M for Men - Masturbator All Nighter - Transparent

Product Number: BL-06612
Brand: M For Men


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UpInformation about M for Men - Masturbator All Nighter - Transparent

The All Nighter masturbator is an exciting and versatile sex toy that provides a unique and satisfying experience. With its self-lubricating technology, you can enjoy up to 12 uses without the need for additional lubrication. Add a little water or saliva and everything will become slippery. Afterwards, you can add more water-based, hybrid or silicone-based lubricant to extend the fun. Additionally, its ribbed interior and textured multi-chambers provide intense and pleasurable stimulation. The softness and flexibility of the All Nighter masturbator allows it to adapt to any size, making it ideal for anyone. It is also safe for use, as it does not contain phthalates, fragrances, paraffins or latex. If you want to explore new sensations and experience a pleasurable experience, the All Nighter masturbator is the perfect choice.