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The well-known brand Durex is a big name in the condom industry. Durex condoms are tested using the highest quality standards and are extremely popular among consumers. Wholesale Sex Toys had a wide variety of Durex condoms and lubricants available that are indispensable in your own shop! At Wholesale Sex Toys you can choose same day delivery, meaning that when you order before noon and choose that option, your order will be delivered between 6 and 9 p.m. that same day. If you like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find all our contact information by clicking 'company information' at the top of the page.

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Information about Durex

Durex is originally an English brand and has been around for about 90 years. It is without doubt the most famous and trusted condom brand in the world! Durex gives you an ultra safe feeling so that you and your partner can enjoy an evening full of lust, sex and passion. Durex guarantees durability, excellence and unparalleled reliability. In addition to condoms, Durex also produces lubricants, massage oils and sextoys. The famous condom brand has many different condoms. Are you looking for condoms with ridges, studs or an anatomical fit? Here you will find it. Durex also came up with latex-free condoms for people with a latex allergy, which was the first to be marketed by Durex. You will not only find condoms in our shop, but also various types of lubricants and massage oils.

Durex Play

In addition to a wide selection of Durex condoms, you will also find many different lubricants and massage oils from Durex Play in our online store. Durex lubricants are made to prevent or remedy vaginal dryness, this relieves intimate discomforts. Of course you can also use Durex lubricants to lubricate your toys so that they slide in more easily. All Durex lubricants can be used orally, vaginally and anally. The lubricants of Durex, for example the Durex Play Warming, which has a warming, tingling and / or cooling effect, promises you absolute sensation during sex! Experiment with different types of lubricants and / or massage oils? Durex is the right brand!

Durex, ultra safe free from harmful substances

Durex protects and maintains the genital PH value. Durex only makes fat-free products that are made on a water basis. Only the very best raw materials are used during production. For example, Durex condoms are produced from the best rubber latex, in this process the minimum condom requirements are exceeded at all times! The condoms are also tested in various ways before entering / entering the shops and webshops. Durex tests its condoms electronically, with water and with air. When certain condoms hardly pass a test, the entire batch is destroyed. A Durex condom can collect 40 liters of air, where your standard minimum requirement is 18 liters of air. Durex condoms have batch numbers and a European CE quality mark.