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Follow your parcel online

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We’re happy to help you monitor the status of your order. We provide status updates at the various phases of your order’s processing.

  • When your order has been confirmed
  • When the order is not in stock
  • When the order has been dispatched (track and trace code)

The track and trace information from PostNL, UPS and DHL is always sent to the e-mail address provided upon registration. You will also find the track and trace code in your order via your Order Overview.

Automatically providing your customer with their track and trace information

You can enter your customer’s e-mail address during the ordering process. Your customer will then receive an e-mail via TrackTraceCode with the track and trace code required to monitor the status of their parcel. The name ONE-DC is not present anywhere in the e-mail.

Status update with API interface

Using an API interface that can be used to link your webshop and ONE-DC, you can be kept up-to-date on the status of your order. See our Feeds page . An account is required in order to access this page.

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