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Discreet Shipping

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Neutral packaging

ONE-DC ships quickly and anonymously to your address or drop-ship address. All our orders are packed in neutral packaging without featuring the name or logo of ONE-DC anywhere. There is no information on the box that could give away the contents of the parcel. Nor does the name of your shop appear on the box. For privacy reasons, the sender is always indicated as ‘Postorder’ for drop-ship parcels. Your company address is indicated as the sender address.

Delivery only to the address provided (not to neighbours)

Your order is sent to the address you have provided. This can be your own address or a drop-ship address. If no one is home when your order arrives, your parcel will not be left with your neighbour (this can only be guaranteed for deliveries within the Netherlands). The parcel service will leave a note and the parcel can be picked up from the nearest PostNL office the next day. Only one delivery attempt will be made with orders sent with DHL and UPS after which the recipient can contact the delivery service. A signature is always required when you receive the parcel. We do not send anything by standard mail.

What does a parcel from ONE-DC look like?

Below you can see examples of the outside of our parcels. You also see a picture of a typical address sticker. The name ONE-DC is not visible anywhere on the parcel.

logo dhl logo dhl logo dhl

The sticker above is an example of our address sticker. The sender is indicated as ‘Postorder’ and the content as ‘internetbestelling’ (internet order). It also states that the parcel may be delivered only to the address indicated and cannot be delivered to neighbours instead.


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