Tracy's Dog - Goldfinger G Spot Vibrator - Purple

Product Number: AVB218PU
Brand: Tracy's Dog


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UpInformation about Tracy's Dog - Goldfinger G Spot Vibrator - Purple

The Goldfinger G-Spot Vibrator is a finger vibrator that focuses on stimulating the G-spot, making it an ideal tool for those looking to enhance their vaginal stimulation experience. It's perfect for both individual and partner use, thanks to its 9 vibration modes that can be adjusted to each user's preferences.

This vibrator is made of soft and skin-safe silicone, making it comfortable and easy to use. Its unique and elegant design also makes it visually appealing. It's also waterproof, so it can be used in the shower or bathtub. And best of all, it's magnetically rechargeable via USB, making it an environmentally friendly and easy-to-charge product.