Thunderplug Thrusting & Vibrating Anal Vibrator

Product Number: AF949
Brand: Thunder Plugs


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UpInformation about Thunderplug Thrusting & Vibrating Anal Vibrator

This vibrator allows you to enjoy several fantastic types of stimulation. Discover the thrusting, swelling and vibrating functions which you can set exactly according to your desires. Its 5 vibration settings, 5 stimulating thrusting settings and 3 swelling options ensure you will never be bored. The ridges on the shaft allow the shaft to thrust whilst massaging the anus at the same time. The anal vibrator is operated using the buttons on the bottom. A remote control is also supplied to enable control from afar. This makes the anal vibrator suitable for couples too! It is 100% waterproof and chargeable via a USB cable. After use, it is easy to clean the anal vibrator with toy cleaner and lukewarm water.