• snail_vibe_duo_vibrator_-_purple
  • snail_vibe_duo_vibrator_-_purple
  • snail_vibe_duo_vibrator_-_purple
  • snail_vibe_duo_vibrator_-_purple

Snail Vibe Duo Vibrator - Purple

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UpInformation about Snail Vibe Duo Vibrator - Purple

The Snail Vibe vibrator was awarded the XBIZ price for most innovative vibrator. The Snail Vibe is a unique vibrator that has no equal. That Snail Vibe is a duo vibrator that simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and G-spot in a unique way.

The Snail Vibe's design keeps the clitoris stimulator in place all the time. That is the result of the Snail Vibe's clitoris stimulator, that moves in a rolling motion. It rolls along with your movements. This toy is made of soft, flexible body-safe silicone.

The two Snail Vibe's stimulation heads can be controlled separately with push buttons. Each push button controls 5 different vibration patterns and 5 different vibration speeds. This allows you to stimulate yourself in many different combinations. Use water-based lubricant for maximum comfort. You can recharge the Snail Vibe with the included USB cable.

Be aware that the vibrator is equipped with powerful motors, which makes it a good fit for more experienced users.

Clean your toy after use with lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner. Use a lint-free cloth to dry the toy.