First. Kinky [S]Experience Starter Set

Product Number: LBX04-03
Brand: Loveboxxx


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UpInformation about First. Kinky [S]Experience Starter Set

The First. Kinky (S)Experience set is the ideal starter kit for anyone curious about BDSM but has little or no experience. This kit is perfect for couples and contains a surprising and complete collection for many exciting nights in the bedroom. Its beautiful design makes it a perfect gift to give or receive.

Inside the kit, you'll find plenty of items to tease and pamper each other. Give each other a relaxing massage with the wonderfully scented massage candle. Blindfold and restrain your partner with the satin eye mask and ribbons. Use the flogger for a playful spanking on the buttocks. Tickle the skin with the feather tickler. Discover how much intensity you can endure with the adjustable nipple clamps or restrict any attempt to move with the bondage tape. The set also includes a powerful bullet vibrator for delightful stimulation on all your favorite spots. The comprehensive and honestly written manual (in English) was created in collaboration with an experienced sexologist and is packed with explanations, do's and don'ts, making you confident enough to embark on this new journey of discovery!


  • Feather tickler: 155 mm long.

  • Mini vibrator: 92 mm long. Diameter 18 mm. The vibrator requires 1 AAA battery (included). The vibrator has 1 setting and is not waterproof.

  • Flogger: length 31 cm. Made of vegan leather.

  • Bondage tape: length 20 meters. Width 50 mm.

  • Blindfold: length 185 cm (around). Width 85 mm. Elastic band. Softly padded.

  • Satin ribbons: length 1 meter. Width 80 mm.

  • Nipple clamps with feathers: length 155 mm. Adjustable.

Ingredients of the vegan massage candle: Soy wax, Coconut wax, Avocado oil, Shea butter, Mixed Nut Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Fragrance. Content: 30 ml. Scent: Wild Orchid. Please note: Do not use the massage candle on intimate areas. The oil is also not suitable for oral consumption.