EZ-Ride - Kinky Position Furniture For Couples

Product Number: AG671
Brand: Lovebotz


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UpInformation about EZ-Ride - Kinky Position Furniture For Couples

The EZ-Rider is a piece of kinky position furniture for couples or for solo use. It has been crafted ergonomically and has a solid and luxurious design. There are numerous ways to enjoy the EZ-Rider and it takes up little space! Use your imagination and try countless positions or put your favorite dildo in the special dildo holder and enjoy amazing vaginal or anal stimulation. The EZ-Rider features a metal frame, useful handles for extra grip and comfortable elastic straps for extra ease of movement up and down. The straps are detachable to ensure hygiene is maintained. After use, simply fold away the EZ-Rider and store discreetly.

Excludes dildo.
Both the straps and the dildo holder are detachable.
The EZ-Rider has a load capacity up to 85 kg.

The seat height is 38 cm, the total height including the handles is 53 cm.
The dildo plate is 12 cm wide and suitable for dildos with a maximum diameter of 3.8 cm. Use a dildo with a suction cup.