• dual_pleasure_sucking_vibrator_-_mauve
  • dual_pleasure_sucking_vibrator_-_mauve
  • dual_pleasure_sucking_vibrator_-_mauve
  • dual_pleasure_sucking_vibrator_-_mauve
  • dual_pleasure_sucking_vibrator_-_mauve

Dual Pleasure Sucking vibrator - Mauve

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UpInformation about Dual Pleasure Sucking vibrator - Mauve

Discover the newest series of App Controlled sucking vibrators from Satisfyer! This compact Dual Pleasure allows you to wonderfully enjoy an explosive clitoral orgasm with the help of air pressure waves and vibrations. The silicone mouth completely covers the clitoris, then the Dual Pleasure gently sucks it in. The Dual Pleasure has 2 powerful motors and with a wide range of different air pressure and vibration settings you can fully vary. Connect this vibrator to the free to download Satisfyer App and create many endless vibrations yourself or give away the control and let the Dual Pleasure be controlled by someone else; the app works globally so it does not matter where your lover is at that moment! Naturally, you can also use the Dual Pleasure without the App.

The constant, stable stimulation and the unique technology makes orgasms from sucking vibrators famous for being intense and long-lasting. So have you always wanted to try a sucking vibrator? Then the Dual Pleasure offers the perfect combination of looks and power! It can be recharged quickly with the supplied USB cable and it's waterproof. Use water-based lubricant for a comfortable feeling.

Clean your toy after use with lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner and dry it with a lint-free cloth.