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Our warehouse is located in Veendam, in the north of the Netherlands. Covering more than 8500 m2, our facility houses an extensive range of products and the entire logistic workings of the company. View the opening hours of our reception desk.

Our warehouse is the beating heart of our company. All goods pass through here and are scanned on the way in to ensure an accurate stock status. As soon as a product is ordered, the stock status is automatically updated. This means that the stock quantities indicated on the website and on the feeds are always up to date. All packing slips are printed completely automatically and our warehouse staff collect all the products that make up your order. This all takes place between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Once all products have been collected, they are individually scanned. Our scanning system can immediately tell whether the right product has been collected based on the product's unique barcode. This prevents incorrect orders ever leaving the warehouse. As soon as your order is complete, it is packed in a nondescript shipping box and labelled with the relevant shipping details. If you place your order before 11 p.m. on a workday, and all products in the order are in stock (or you have selected partial delivery), your order will be dispatched the same day.

Directions to EDC Wholesale in Veendam

  • Arriving from N33 (via A7) take exit Veendam
  • Continue to follow directions Veendam
  • Drive till next roundabout
  • Roundabout 3/4 towards factory area 4500-5000 (Adriaan Tripweg).
  • Follow this road, turn left at the end (before the bridge)
  • This road is Phoenixweg.
  • 2nd building on your right: You have arrived at: Phoenixweg 6
  • Driving from N33 via Gieten take exit Veendam Zuid/ Wildervank
  • Head towards Veendam/Wildervank
  • Drive till next roundabout
  • Roundabout 1/4 towards Factory area 4000 (Adriaan Tripweg)
  • Follow this road
  • Drive over the bridge and turn right
  • This road is Phoenixweg
  • 2nd building on your right: You have arrived at: Phoenixweg 6

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