Boners Cockring & Ball Stimulator - Blue

Product Number: BON041
Brand: Boners


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UpInformation about Boners Cockring & Ball Stimulator - Blue

With the Boners Cockring & Ball Stimulator, you are guaranteed a longer and harder erection! Place the cockring around the base of the penis when it's in a flaccid state, positioning the two protruding parts towards the scrotum. During erection, the ring will snugly fit around the penis, reducing blood flow. This leads to heightened sensations and a more intense orgasm. The cockring features 10 delightful vibration modes and patterns, which you can easily control with a single button press. The silicone design is waterproof and feels comfortable on the skin. The cockring comes with a magnetic USB cable and is easy to clean with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner.