BLAQ - Digital Rabbit Vibrator - Black

Product Number: BLQ003
Brand: BLAQ


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UpInformation about BLAQ - Digital Rabbit Vibrator - Black

Step into the future with BLAQ, where vibrators are enhanced by an innovative digital screen! BLAQ understands that everyone is unique. That's why our vibrators offer a wide range of settings so you can create the ideal stimulation. Adjust the speed, explore different vibration patterns, and find your perfect rhythm. The high-quality materials are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail using premium silicone. This rabbit vibrator is specially designed to simultaneously stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot. Choose your favorite from 4 speeds and 10 different vibration modes and patterns. The silicone design is waterproof, so feel free to take it with you in the bath or shower. Discover a world of pleasure and intimacy like you've never experienced before! BLAQ believes in the power of technology to elevate your experiences. With the clear display, you can easily read the selected mode and see how long the battery will last, so you can recharge it in time with the included magnetic USB cable. BLAQ - your key to the ultimate climax!