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When shopping online, completing your order or after receiving your order, you may have some questions. Here you will find answers to the questions most frequently asked by our clients. If your question is not among those below, please contact our customer service department by phone or e-mail.


How does ONE-DC receive the orders placed by my customers?
There are two ways to place an order with ONE-DC. Manually, using our website, or automatically, by means of XML files (API). See also: How do I place an order?.

When will my order arrive?
If you order before 11 p.m., your order will be dispatched the same day. This applies only to shipments in the Netherlands via PostNL. The collection time for other transport companies is: DHL at 2 p.m. and Fedex at 3.30 p.m.. Please bear this in mind when ordering.


Prices, product information and photos

May I use all the photos?
Yes, you may use all the product photos on www.one-dc.com. They can also be downloaded as a .zip file or individually in various other formats.

May I use all the texts?
Yes, you may use all the texts on www.one-dc.com. We do however advise you to make them as unique as possible so as to stand out from other sites in search engines.

May I copy your terms and conditions?
No. You can download the standard terms and conditions from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce website and adapt these to suit your purposes.

Do the prices include VAT?
All purchase prices are displayed excluding VAT. This goes for the feeds too. The recommended retail prices are always including VAT.

May I deviate from the recommended retail price?
Yes. As the name suggests, the price is merely the recommended price. This price is set by the manufacturer of the product. You are not obliged to keep to this exact price in light of the free market. We are, however, against price dumping and may choose to refuse deliveries if products are being sold at extremely low prices to the end customer.



If I opt for drop-shipping, does my customer pay me or ONE-DC?
The end customer orders the items from you and makes the payment to you. You receive the money from the customer and in turn, you pay ONE-DC the purchase price.

How do I pay ONE-DC?
There are various payment options. You can pay with your prepaid credit, but also by means of standard payment options such as bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, etc. For more information relating to the different payment options, please click here .

Are any discounts available?
Yes, we offer discounts according to three different discount categories:
- High category
- Low category
- No-discount brands
For more information, please click here.



Is it possible to deliver by standard mail?
No, we only ship parcels, regardless of the size of the item. Every parcel is delivered with a Track and Trace code and must be signed upon receipt.

Can orders be received by neighbours?
No, not in the Netherlands. We have a contract with our distributors that specifies that (in the Netherlands) neighbours may not receive parcels on behalf of the purchaser. Should this nonetheless occur, you may inform our customer services department. Unfortunately there are no such agreements pertaining to international orders.

What information appears on the box in the case of drop-shipping?
The box is entirely nondescript in order to maintain privacy. The sender is given as ‘Postorder’ and the address you have registered with us. The name ONE-DC does not appear anywhere.

With drop-shipping, can I include my own packing slip and invoices or flyers?
Packing slip: Yes. The rest: No. We offer you the option of customising the packing slip as desired, within reason, i.e., with your logo and text. This packing slip is sent in the box. We don’t send invoices along with the box. The invoice is between you and your end customer. You will receive the purchase invoice from ONE-DC as a download in your administration module. It is not possible to include flyers in the box.


Feeds and interfaces

Do you have feeds?
Yes, we offer many feeds! Both in XML and CSV format. The entire product database, inventory status, new and discontinued products, and photos. Everything to keep your shop stocked and up-to-date (see this page - requires login).

Do you have ready-made plugins?
No, unfortunately we don’t have any ready-made plugins, only feeds. We can only refer you to our partners in this regard (see this page) .We offer all feeds in both CSV and XML format. These files can be imported to almost all shop systems.

Can you build my shop for me?
No, for this we would refer you to our partners.

Am I obligated to work with feeds and/or API interfaces?
No, you can also maintain your shop by using the newsletter in which we announce all new and discontinued products. It is also possible to place orders on our site manually each time.


RExchange and guarantee

Can a product that doesn’t fit be exchanged?
No, unfortunately we do not accept returns. The Dutch Remote Selling Act applies only to you as a retailer and your customer. Any returns are directed to your address.

Can I report a defect?
Certainly, we have developed an RMA form for this purpose. You can find this form in your Order Overview. In the case of defects, we always try to find a solution.


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