Pjur - Pride Box - 3x30 ml

Product Number: 14034
Brand: Pjur


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UpInformation about Pjur - Pride Box - 3x30 ml

Introducing a versatile range of personal lubricants designed to enhance and tailor your intimate experiences to different needs and preferences, depending on what you're in the mood for.

For those of us seeking an unparalleled sensation during anal play, there's Pjur Back Door Moisturizing. It mimics the silky feel of silicone while harnessing the benefits of water. Hyaluronic acid, known for its exceptional water-binding properties, creates small cushions of moisture. Perfect for intense anal sensations and compatible with all sex toys, it's your perfect choice for an amazing experience. Moreover, it helps prevent anal fissures and reduces the risk of condom breakage, promising carefree pleasure. Non-sticky and easy to rinse off, formulated without perfumes or added flavors, prioritizing your comfort and pleasure.

For people with sensitive skin, Pjur offers a gentle solution with its odorless, water-based lubricant. Specially formulated to address vaginal dryness, it enhances comfort during sex and is compatible with condoms and sex toys. Free from glycerin, parabens, and other irritating substances, it maintains pH balance and provides moisturizing relief. Made for those who value simplicity, it allows you to focus solely on your pleasure.

And for an all-encompassing experience, there's Pjur ORIGINAL. This silicone-based lubricant also serves as a massage gel, providing long-lasting glide pleasure and enjoyment. Its unique formula forms a protective layer on the skin for both intimate moments and sensual massages. Suitable for use with condoms and free from preservatives, perfumes, or added flavors, it's a versatile option for those seeking uncompromising intimacy.