• pjur_original_rainbow_edition_-_100_ml
  • pjur_original_rainbow_edition_-_100_ml

Pjur Original Rainbow Edition - 100 ml

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UpInformation about Pjur Original Rainbow Edition - 100 ml

Love is love. Free to love who you want, how you want. That's the statement Pjur wants to make: love is diverse and colorful. That people can explore their sexuality and experience it to the fullest. With the limited edition Pjur ORIGINAL Rainbow Edition, you're guaranteed a quality silicone lubricant and you're contributing to sharing an important message, as well.

Pjur Original Massage Gel and Lubricant is a multiple-use massage product. You can use it as a massage gel, as a lubricant and as a body lotion. The Pjur Original is a silicone-based formula and glides amazingly with ingredients that won't cause irritation. Pjur isn't sticky and won't dry out. The convenient drop dispenser makes it economical and long lasting. It's unscented and tasteless, non-toxic and safe to use with condoms and latex products.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol