• doxy_die_cast_3r_wand_vibrator
  • doxy_die_cast_3r_wand_vibrator
  • doxy_die_cast_3r_wand_vibrator
  • doxy_die_cast_3r_wand_vibrator
  • doxy_die_cast_3r_wand_vibrator

Doxy Die Cast 3R Wand Vibrator

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  • Doxy Die Cast 3R Wand Vibrator   On stock, shipped same day. DOXY3RC-MB 712758998569

UpInformation about Doxy Die Cast 3R Wand Vibrator

The stylish Doxy Die Cast 3R is a high quality wand vibrator that is perfect for massaging every part of the body. The massager is wireless and has large buttons, which makes it easy to use. The handle is made of firm aluminum, while the head is made of soft silicone for a comfortable use. Charge the vibrator after use with the included USB charging cable. The Doxy Die Cast 3R comes in a luxurious metal storage tube, in which you can also store the USB cable.