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Drop-shipping can seem complicated to the uninitiated. But it actually just means that you buy from us, don’t need your own stock, and that the parcels can be sent directly to your end customer. In the points below, we explain how exactly we do this at ONE-DC.

Drop-shipping explained

So what is ‘drop-shipping’ exactly and how can I benefit from it? Allow us to explain just that. Read more.

Various feeds available!

We offer various options for filling your webshop’s virtual shelves, such as XML and CSV files, stock feeds, photo files and much more. Read more.

Advantages of drop-shipping

What’s in it for me? What are the advantages? Read more.

What does drop-shipping cost?

There are no additional costs whatsoever when you opt for drop-shipping with us. Read more.

Drop-shipping via API

ONE-DC offers many technical solutions for automating your processes. Everything is done automatically with XML. Read more.

Drop-shipping outside of the EU

We ship worldwide. Orders are dispatched from the Netherlands, an EU member state. Shipments to countries outside of the EU are subject to certain regulations. Read more.

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